Our strategies are set in a way to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions. It is designed to integrate sustainability with our business strategy. Our commitment to contribute to sustainable development has been part of the Turgai core principles since 1995.

We also make it a priority to put people at the center of everything. We strive to empower people around the world to improve their lives and meet their full potential. This effort includes promoting diversity & inclusion, creating prosperity, respecting human rights and contributing to the enviroment.

Using energy more efficiently helps preserve our finite natural resources, lower energy costs and reduce carbon emissions so that our operations are well positioned to provide affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy.

We’re leaders in energy because we value transparency, responsibility, trust and integrity. This dedication to quality drives our company culture and will always keep us ahead. Our environmental and energy transition efforts focus on lowering the carbon intensity of our operations, building lower carbon businesses, supporting well-designed climate policy, responsible water management, and biodiversity, while using our Operational Excellence Management System to manage risk. These principles, together with our Code of Conduct, apply to the way we do business and to our conduct with the communities where we operate.